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In the market since 1988, Brinox is one of the biggest houseware brands in Brazil. Currently, it has more than 2,500 products in its portfolio, such as pans, cutlery, trash cans, utensils and household items in general. They are items made of stainless steel, aluminum, chrome steel, silicone, nylon, among other materials, which are distributed throughout all areas of the house: pantry, kitchen, laundry, bathroom and decoration. It also operates in the corporate market, such as hotels, bars and restaurants.

The brand is present in all Brazilian states and also in the international market,
exporting to countries in South America, Central America, North America, Africa and the Middle East.
With the Brinox’s functional beauty, the spaces welcome memorable experiences, as they allow everyone to have more time to enjoy life with family and friends.


Since 1982, driven by creativity, design and multifunctionality, Coza brand has revolutionized its market. Working with the most modern technology for plastic injection, it creates in different colors, textures and materials. All of this with responsibility and commitment to a sustainable production in all its spheres: economic, energy and environmental. Promoting a more creative way of living everyday life, combining form and function, generating benefits through new ideas and constantly seeking new possibilities, thus providing a new look at what is common are Coza’s raison d’être. We are expression, well-being, lifestyle, PLASTICITY.
New. Ideas. Ever


Haus Concept is the leader in the melamine product segment in Brazil, a super-resistant material, stromg agains scratches, drops and stains, with an aesthetic appeal similar to porcelain, which is already widely used in the United States and Europe. The pieces, elaborated for perfect storage, are highly resistant and can be used in the dishwasher, thus offering a lower replacement cost. With superior finish and unique shine, they are the perfect union between beauty and resistance. With versatility and sophistication, Haus Concept consolidates itself as a contemporary brand that covers different segments – from home to corporate –, providing more convenience and lightness when serving.

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