Brinox Group announces permanent home office work program

The home office is already an undeniable reality in organizations. Therefore, thinking about the new adaptations of the job market and also taking care of its employees, the Brinox Group is implementing a permanent home office work program. A multidisciplinary team has been working on the project since May, adapting structural, technological, and institutional issues.
The project is already in its pilot phase, as most of the administrative team and support areas have been working remotely since the end of March, with the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and the progress of municipal and state decrees.
Survey proves success of the format
About 100 employees from the administrative and support areas participated in an online survey on the subject. The project approval level reached 98.6%. In addition, questions about productivity – pointed out by the team, which increased to a share of 56.9% – and communication with teams and management – recorded as it increased in this period to 70.6% – attest that the format was accepted and successful during the period .
In addition, issues such as “a better quality of life”, “less expenses” and “a higher level of concentration” were noted as positive points in the project that the company is now working on to maintain permanently.
For the Group’s Human Resources manager, Celiz Frizzo, the action is yet another incentive for teams that, even in difficult times like the one we are experiencing, have spared no effort to make the work go smoothly. “Since March, when we started working remotely, we have noticed a high level of delivery and engagement from our employees. We believe that offering this format will further encourage everyone to feel that they are an important part of our business,” she says.
According to Celiz, benefits like financial assistance for expenses such as electricity, internet and food, as well as assistance for the ergonomic adequacy of workspaces in employees’ homes are being aligned. “We want everyone to be comfortable with this format and have the necessary conditions to carry out their daily tasks. Our Information Technology and Occupational Safety teams are being partners for these issues”, she adds.
Currently, the teams operate full time in a home office model. When the resumption is possible, the format should take place in a hybrid work model: three times a week with the teams at home and twice a week in a face-to-face format, for alignments, meetings, and communications in general at the head office in Caxias do Sul.
About the Brinox Group
A reference in the housewares segment, the Brinox Group currently has 700 employees at its head office in Caxias do Sul and has a product mix with more than 6,000 items from the brands Brinox, Coza and Haus Concept. The Group also has a unit in Espírito Santo state, and offices in the capital of São Paulo, and in Guangzhou, China, in addition to its own commercial force present in the main cities of Brazil.

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