Brinox Group supports the United for the Vaccine movement in the delivery of donations to municipalities in its region

Health Departments of Caxias do Sul, Bom Jesus and Jaquirana will receive items for better conditions in the health centers
The Brinox Group makes this Friday, 08/13, donations to contribute to the vaccination campaign against Covid-19. The action, mediated by the leaders of Women from Brazil Group in Caxias do Sul city, includes the delivery of 12 coolers with a temperature gauge, 4 laptops and 1 vaccine conservation chamber to the Health Department of Caxias do Sul. Bom Jesus and Jaquirana towns will receive a refrigerator, freezer, recyclable ice coils, among other items.
“The objective of the United for the Vaccine movement is not only short-term, but consists of leaving a legacy for the SUS (the Brazilian Health System), providing better conditions for the local health centers for all future vaccination campaigns”, points out Céliz Frizzo, one of the leaders of Women from Brazil Group in Caxias do Sul city and HR Manager of Brinox Group.
The CEO of the Brinox Group, Christian Hartenstein, says that “the sum of efforts of civil society is essential in order to strengthen our health system and restore people’s health as quickly as possible, and, consequently, the country’s economy”.
The Brinox Group is committed to contributing positively to the communities where it operates. Since the beginning of the Pandemic, the housewares factory has committed to helping municipalities by distributing acrylic masks to health professionals in Caxias do Sul (RS) and Linhares (ES), where its manufacturing units are located.

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